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Whether current tips on international football, Bundesliga long-term bets or tips for the NBA – we try to mix and match our tips so that you always have a good selection for your sports bets. In addition to the Bundesliga, we always take a look at other international leagues to offer you interesting options for your bets on a regular basis. Placing bets on favourites that dominate their respective leagues that are mainly only halfway “safe” minimises the risk, but also keeps the odds low. As soon as you bet with real money, you want to win as much as possible and rarely lose. But – losing is simply part of sports betting. It is rather not about orakeln as well as possible – rather it is important to make its bets balanced. It’s about being successful in the long run.

To correctly assess the current condition of a team. How did the last matches go? Are important players injured? How are things going for a team on the road and similar things, and of course they always flow into our betting tips. Of course, we can’t give any profit guarantees, but we can provide suggestions and ideas for your bets. Which of our tips you include in your betting slip or combine various tips in a combination bet or system bet – you decide.

In addition, we avoid preparing any fantasy bets for you – which may shine with high odds, but in the end are considered quite risky bets. We’d rather not give such tips. It’s about showing options for “meaningful” bets that improve the odds on your betting slip. It’s not just about which team wins the game at the end – betting strategies like handicap, over/under, Both2Score or double chance are also always an option for our betting tips. Sometimes it is much easier to bet on both teams scoring in the same game than to correctly predict the outcome of a match. Of course, a regular football combination betting tip should not be missing.

Who is eligible to participate in sports betting?

Sports betting from 18 years of age, regardless of whether you want to bet in a betting office or online – in most countries you may only participate in the sports betting business once you have reached the age of 18. Minors, on the other hand, are not allowed to place bets online or enter a betting office.

To ensure that the protection of minors is also observed on the Internet, the relevant personal data must already be entered when registering with a betting provider. These must also be verified (often only at the first deposit) so that the online bookmaker can ensure that you are actually at least 18 years old. This may require a scan or fax of your identity card/passport.

This is by no means a harassment when you query an ID card. On the contrary. The online bookmaker is subject to strict conditions imposed by the licensing authority. If a bookmaker ignores this query, it would be a sign of a dubious act. Therefore, when you register your bookmaker account, remember to enter the correct data, as this can be checked by a reputable and legally regulated bookmaker.

Are online sports bets serious and safe?

A lot has happened in the online betting industry in the last 20 years. This development shows that, especially since the mid-1990s, there have been significantly fewer dubious betting companies on the market. At that time, most of them were smaller companies based in the Caribbean islands and primarily focused on American customers.

Today, sports betting companies are not dissimilar to a corporate group. Serious, reliable, professional, structured and sometimes with thousands of employees at different locations. Some betting companies are active on the London, Frankfurt or Stockholm stock exchanges and serve millions of customers worldwide. The number of interested parties and customers is growing steadily – and the company’s own product range is gradually being expanded and improved.

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