Welcome to our big Baseball Betting Test 2019, where we present you all the information we have gathered about baseball betting. We explain the most important rules of baseball and illustrate the most important factors that influence the game.

In addition, we give you an overview of the most important providers of baseball betting and show you strategies how you can earn money with baseball betting.

Guide – The most important baseball betting tips

How does baseball work?

In baseball, two teams of nine players compete against each other. Alternately, one team has the right to drive, while the other team defends the field. This field consists of two zones, the “Fair Territory” and the “Foul Territory”.

The majority of the game actions take place in the Fair Territory, which in turn is subdivided into the “Infield” and the “Outfield”. The four “bases” are located along the infield.

The nine players in the field (“Defense”) arrange themselves on the following positions:

a pitcher
a catcher
four infielders
three Outfielders

The pitcher stands in the middle of the infield and throws the ball to the catcher. The batter of the attacking team (“Offense”) tries to prevent this by hitting the ball into the field.

When the battery hits the field, it becomes a runner and must go counterclockwise to one of the four bases. Points are scored only by reaching the bases, so that only the offense team can score at any one time. The last base is called “Home Base” or “Home Plate”.

The base must be reached by the attacker before the defense team regains control of the ball. The defenders try to prevent the offense player from circling the field. Therefore the defense team wants to “out” the runner before he can reach a base.

There are many ways for the offense team to be out. If, for example, the ball hit by the battery is caught in the air directly by the field players, the batsman is immediately out. The same happens when he moves the ball behind the outline into the foul territory.

In addition, the runner is out when a field player picks up the ball he has hit from the ground, throws it to the first baseman and is caught by him. The ball must be caught while the baseman touches first base and before the runner reaches that first base.

When three of the offense team’s players are out, the right to strike changes so that the defense and the offense team swap positions.

What are baseball bets?

Although baseball is considered a marginal sport by European betting providers, baseball betting has become increasingly popular in recent years.

As a rule, bets are placed on the American Major League Baseball (MBL). It is divided into three divisions: the East and West League and the Central League. The European teams are only of minor importance on the betting market, which is why they are not to be found in the offers of the different providers.

In addition to the American League, the Japanese League is of particular interest for baseball betting. Many native Americans, who were not considered in the MLB, now play in Japan.

Therefore there are many top players in this league. Apart from the USA and Japan, the Mexican League is the only league of importance – compared to the other two, however, it plays only a subordinate role.

Baseball betting is particularly suitable for someone who follows the sport with interest or would like to get a closer look at it. The rules are complex, but once you understand them, it’s much easier to win money with baseball bets than with most other sports.

What baseball bets are there?

A rough distinction must be made between season bets and match bets. Seasonal bets are long-term and are based on several matches, for example on the overall victory of a league.

Match bets are placed for a specific match. This includes bets placed before the start of the match and live bets placed during the match. Within match bets, there are several bet types that are basic to baseball betting:

Money Line

Bets are placed on the victory of the home or visiting team. This is a two-way bet as there is no draw in baseball.

Run Line

A bet is also placed on a team’s victory. However, the team must exceed the fixed run line, which is usually 1.5. This means that the favorite tip is only won if the team is 2 or more points ahead. The bet on the underdog is only unsuccessful if the team loses more than 2 points behind.

Live betting takes place during a match, which continuously changes the odds. However, these bets must take into account the time difference in the United States, which means that many matches in Germany take place in the middle of the night. The special attraction of live betting is that you can actively follow the game yourself and, as a good observer, can predict some results.

In addition, there are a number of special bets. Among other things, you can bet on how many home runs there are in the course of the game or which team will be the first to start hitting.

Why are baseball bets so popular?

In Germany, there is an increasing trend to play other betting sports outside of football. Even though baseball is still one of the sports that play a subordinate role in the betting business in Europe, baseball betting is no longer an insider tip.

The reason why baseball betting is becoming more and more popular is the combination of the increasing popularity of the sport and the increasing offer of betting providers. The high odds also provide an incentive to engage more intensively in this sport.

Due to the almost daily games, even beginners can learn a lot about the sport within a short period of time. The knowledge acquired in this way can then be used to achieve greater weather success.

It is also possible to spread the bet over a large number of bets and thus minimise the risk of loss.