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There are still not many people in Germany who are interested in baseball – but the trend is rising. In the USA, baseball has long been one of the most popular sports with the most spectators. Baseball is also popular in Asia. And sport is on the rise in Europe: A good field for sports betting strategies for sports tipsters.


In Europe, baseball is still a marginal phenomenon. This is also evident in the bookmakers’ portfolios. Most sports fans are interested in other sports. Football betting is the most common, closely followed by tennis betting. Baseball is considered a typical American sport.

However, today in Asia and Mexico spectators have also developed a great interest in baseball and the countries there have interesting leagues. The Pacific-Japanese league is now the second strongest tournament in the USA and can almost beat the Major League Baseball.

In Europe, the number of baseball fans is growing slowly but steadily. So far, baseball bets have been made almost exclusively by experts. But the trend is in a different direction, as our betting provider comparison shows. Most bookmakers now have baseball betting strategies on offer. There are very high odds on baseball bets, which can seem tempting. How do you find a good provider?

In addition to the special criteria that a bookmaker should meet for baseball betting, there are also basic points that you should always keep in mind:

Comprehensive portfolio, all important games and leagues
Reliability and secure payment methods
Numerous bet types to choose from
Quotas, especially in baseball

Once you’ve seen a baseball game, you probably have no idea how it works. Even repeated observations will not reveal the rules unconditionally. They are not easy to decipher. Baseball means hit ball: The goal is to score more points than the opponent. The points are called runs. After nine runs the game is over. Who wants to get a first impression of the game should remember Brennball, it is a simplified version of baseball. Baseball is played by two teams, each with nine players. Alternately, the teams have the right to hit and runs can be achieved. The other team defends the field during this time and tries to get the ball under control. A run is achieved when a player has passed all three bases and returned to the starting point.

This is only a short introduction, there are many rules that still play a role and that should be known. You should first familiarize yourself with the game before placing your first bet. In our betting bonus comparison you will find providers who provide a good help section for baseball bets. A good support is especially important in this sport to be able to enter successfully.


Let’s keep in mind: Baseball is not the favourite sport of Europeans, but it is played worldwide and there are big leagues. Accordingly, baseball betting can also be very lucrative. Of course, the bookmakers only offer the big leagues, because the small European leagues have a very small meaning. In the offer are the USA and Japan – sometimes also Mexico. The most important baseball betting strategy is certainly the North American Major League Baseball (MLB). Over-Under bets are recommended for the first time. The limit for baseball bets is 7.5 or 8.5.

Of course you can refine your betting strategy more and more. Some online providers issue countless specials for a baseball match. You can bet on the number of home runs or even their creation method. However, these options are often very risky and depend heavily on luck, as they are 50/50 chances.

Our tip: You should let the first days of a tournament pass without betting. This way you can read a trend and include it in your forecast.


European bookmakers still treat baseball a little neglected. The game is a typical marginal sport, which only slowly finds a place in our latitudes. There is a chance in it! The bookmakers often allocate quotas that are not related to the performance of the teams. If you rely on expert opinions and follow their bets, you will quickly get information about interesting bets.

If you know the sport well enough, you can place your first own bets. Who observes exactly and always makes the bet bonus comparison, can often find a lucrative offer with the baseball. We also recommend that you take a look at our other sports betting strategies, which include the following:

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