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While the phrase “sport of the kings” has its origin in the fact that horse racing was first a matter of the nobility in practice and attendance, today, where there are professional jockeys and broad social classes follow the events, it can be used in a modern interpretation to express the elegance of sport.

When the imposing animals thunder along the home straight, the viewer is not left without an impression at the gang. This magic of speed, raw power and elegance, which unfolds above all at close range, is accompanied by a second, which is based on the competitive character of the event. This second magic can also banish the sports tipper from afar: Thus, horse betting continues to enjoy great popularity even away from the racetrack.

In its modern form (because even advanced cultures already knew gambling and sports betting), horse betting is the oldest among sports betting. The reason for this is that horse racing was one of the first sports to develop professional structures.

Horse betting has its own rules and laws

Horse bets have their own laws and terms; they can also be clearly distinguished in their bet types from the rest of the sports betting on offer. So anyone who has so far dealt with sports betting in football, tennis, handball and other sports must be prepared to dive into a whole new world with horse betting.

The greatest affinity, apart from Greyhounds, is still to be found with motor sport: since motor sport also has racing as a form of competition, similar betting types are used. The reality, however, is that in comparison to horse racing, a much smaller variety prevails.

In the following, the most important individual bet types in horse racing are presented. With regard to the practice of horse betting, however, it should be borne in mind that different regulations apply from country to country and also from betting provider to betting provider.

Due to these subtleties in the rules and regulations, it is always advisable to read the country regulations and the general terms and conditions of the betting provider before placing a bet.

Single bets: The most important single bet types for horse races


The bet is that the selected horse will achieve a place. Depending on the nation and number of starters, different rules apply with regard to “what” a placement is or “who” is considered to be placed: So the first two, three or even the first four horses crossing the finish line can be placed according to the rules, as long as the necessary number of starters is available.

In some countries (especially those with an English betting tradition) a distinction is made between the bet types Place and Show: There the bet will be placed among the first two horses under the title “Place”, while the bet will be placed under the titleā€¦

Win-Place / Each Way (also written as E/W)

This single bet is a double bet, which combines the bet types Win and Place: you bet on your personal favorite. If the horse wins, both parts (win and place) go, if the horse wins at least one place, only part of the bet goes up.

In both cases a win can be achieved, whereby the winning amount is determined analogously to the success either from the advertised betting quota or, if no victory but at least one placement is present, from a split quota. Here, too, the betting regulations must be studied in advance in order to determine whether the first two, three or four horses are considered placed.

Win-Place-Show (Across the Board)

The Win-Place-Show bet works like the win-place bet, only extended by one possibility (Show). The horse you have typed must be the first, second or third to complete the bet. As with the win-place bet, the payout depends on the place the horse finishes at (there is more for Win than for Place and there is more for Place than for Show).

Ita and Trita

These two bet types are available when the selected horse passes the finish line second (Ita) or third (Trita). So the exact placement (second or third) must be guessed.

Push bet

The combination bet in horse racing De facto, a sliding bet (also called battery bet or connection bet) is the same as a combination bet. One and the same system is therefore used for horse racing and all other sports simply under a different name. The following applies to both: (1) a bet is defined for one (2) selection of at least two individual tips, all of which (3) have to rise for the bet to be won. The winning amount is determined (4) by multiplying the bet and odds of all single tips.

However, the sliding bet is often presented and described in a different way than the combination bet, i.e. with reference to the time factor: the winnings from the first bet are defined as the bet stake for the second bet, etc., whereby the “first” bet is the bet that refers to the first race in time, etc.

Sometimes the bets are also sorted by bet type. In this respect, however, the betting regulations provide information in any case. So because the win from one tip is “moved on” to another tip for which he places the bet, the bet is called a sliding bet.

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