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If you are looking for football betting, you should also look for a betting provider who has the best deals available. The ranking of the different providers can be found in this football betting test.

About 80 percent of the bets placed in Europe are football bets. If you look at the live bets, which are also very popular, most of them are in the field of football. For a betting provider, football is by far the most important sport.

So it’s no wonder that users are also looking for the winner in the football betting test. The good news is that lots and lots of betting providers can hold their own as first-class bookmakers in the field of football and only show very slight differences.

The good news is that lots and lots of betting providers can hold their own as first-class bookmakers in the field of football and only show very slight differences.

This is how we test football bets

Good online bookmakers are generally always well positioned when it comes to quality and quantity. Nevertheless, there are a few small differences in the test, which are only noticeable in the details.

When it comes to football betting, we tested not only the breadth of the range, but also the depth of the bets.

Width: For how many countries can football bets be placed with this sports betting provider?
Depth: How many different leagues can be provided with a football bet per country?

In terms of width, the Bet365 bookmaker, which offers football betting from more than 100 countries, scores particularly well. The depth of offer also leaves nothing to be desired with many providers who offer many different leagues in each country. Bookmakers who not only offer the German Bundesliga and the German 2nd and 3rd leagues, but also the regional and top tables, can also score in the football betting test.

Also decisive, apart from the selection, are the bet types. These must be varied and extensive for each game. There are many points for correspondingly many special and special bets for football.

Interesting betting odds ensure extra points in the test

Apart from a good quality and quantity of bets, the odds are also very important. A payout key is determined by the online bookmaker. This is with a good offerer with circa 90 to 95 per cent. The higher this value is, the better it is for the players, as more money is returned to the betting customers.

In the test, we also pay attention to how often an online bookmaker was able to assert himself for a best rate. If a betting provider is quite frequent when it comes to the best betting odds, there are correspondingly more points.

Live betting in the football business

As far as live betting is concerned, football betting is also the absolute pioneer here. In some cases, up to 80 percent of bets are placed in the course of a match – i.e. live bets are placed by a bookmaker.

The days are long gone when a player filled out and submitted a betting slip before the weekend and then just waits to see if he has won anything. Today, bets are placed at short notice and, to a large extent, only during the game itself – in the form of real-time bets.

Of course, not only live bets are still on the rise, but mobile betting is also becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, the smartphone is always present, so that players can quickly make a few bets in between, especially with regard to live bets. This also applies to stadium visits or live broadcasts during public viewing.

These soccer games offer the widest selection of bets

As already mentioned, there are many different betting options depending on the provider and country. The number of options is particularly high for certain football matches, such as the Bundesliga and the 2nd league. Each game of these leagues often offers three-digit betting options. Also for the Champions League and the Premier League in England the betting possibilities per game are very extensive. This also applies to smaller leagues from Belgium, Finland or Austria, which are also very well frequented and at least for big top games are offered here by the bookmakers over 100 betting options.

Which leagues receive the most football bets?

There are some football leagues that simply enjoy a great deal of public interest. With these leagues, of course, a lot of football bets are placed. But which leagues are the ones that get the most bets? It all depends on the country from which bets are placed.

In many countries the German Bundesliga and also the English Premier League receive a lot of attention. In Germany, however, the Bundesliga is always ahead of the Premier League, and in England it’s always the other way round.

Football bets on the FIFA World Cups

Of course, the World Championships are also the most popular events of all sports fans. This is true for Germany as well as for other nations. There is no other event in Germany where as many bets are placed as FIFA.

This applies for a period of about four weeks before the World Cup and during the World Cup. Even sports fans, who otherwise have little or nothing to do with sports betting, risk one or two tips during FIFA.

Long before the World Cup even kicks off, online bookmakers are offering corresponding offers and good odds. Long-term betting in particular is very popular in this respect.

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