Anyone interested in sports will certainly like to have a look at what the German market has to offer in terms of sports. You will soon notice that besides tennis, football and swimming, baseball is also offered in Germany.

There has been baseball in Germany since 1984, when the League of Baseball was founded. Baseball was brought from America to Germany and already now there is the first and second league. Also different association leagues already exist.

How baseball is played

Baseball is a bit like Brennball. But Brennball is a very simple version of baseball. Baseball is a team sport. It is important that a team scores more points or runs than its opponent. A game ends after nine rounds. Each team has nine players. The tension is great and you will be able to make friends with baseball. At the end of the season there are also the so-called play-offs. The first four teams of a baseball Bundesliga play against each other and therefore the best team will be determined at some point. Here is pure excitement given.

Play and win

But a game cannot only be won as a player. Playing baseball is relatively stressful betting on baseball and can take many hours. At the end of a game the winning team is usually determined. But it is much easier when bets are placed on the outcome of a game. If you like, you can place a bet just like in football and after the game you will see whether you have won or not.

This is about real money and it would be nice if you could increase your monthly income. Bet365’s popular sports bets also offer baseball betting. Already after the game is certain whether you have won and can be happy about the money earned.

Interesting things about baseball

Unfortunately, baseball in Germany is just a sport that runs along. It’s different in Holland and America, where the players can earn their living with the sport. But also in Germany there is a first and second league and different association leagues.

Of course, playing baseball isn’t the easiest game, but once you’ve gotten to grips with the game, you’ll soon find that it’s very interesting and varied. While a soccer game is over after 90 minutes, baseball can get really down to business. And the fun factor is surely given to everyone.


Basically, it can be assumed that every sports betting provider who is a big hit has meanwhile included baseball in its permanent portfolio. After all, this sport is enjoying steadily growing popularity.

Nevertheless, not all betting providers prove to be equally strong when it comes to baseball betting. After all, in addition to the specific criteria for a good baseball betting provider, there are also a few basic aspects that a sports betting provider should pay attention to:

the seriousness of the provider
secure payment methods
a wide selection of the most important leagues and games
as many different bet types as possible
best odds for baseball games
a detailed help section for all kinds of baseball bets

As has already been mentioned, baseball is not necessarily a sport whose rules can be deciphered by themselves and at first glance. Betting on this sport can turn out to be very complicated. If you don’t know exactly what you are betting on, you will rarely have a real chance of winning. Consequently, a detailed help section for a bookmaker is extremely important.

Basic conditions in Baseball

The so-called over and under bets are particularly popular with bettors. For this, however, some basic conditions must be observed. In principle, this type of bet can only be placed as a single bet. In addition, the odds must be at least 1.70 and the last 10 run statistics are used for the calculation. Both teams must have a difference of 3 points in the average runs compared to the difference between the betting providers.

You only understand “Baseball” at this point? Then we would like to explain this briefly. You are watching a game of the “Chicago Cubs” and the “Pittsburgh Pirates”. The last 10 runs were 6.6 for the “Cubs” and 6.3 for the “Pirates”. If you add them together, you get an average of 12.9 runs. Your betting provider now offers you an upper/under of 9.0. According to the calculation, 12.9 runs are expected to be achieved during the game. The required difference in points is calculated as follows: 12.9 minus 9.0 results in 3.9. This would be greater than the required point difference of 3. Thus you can place the single bet.

Special bets

A particularly nice affair in baseball online betting are the so-called special bets, here is with great probability also the one or other exciting and lucrative offer for you. For example, you can bet on which team will be the first to hit, how many HomeRuns will be scored in the course of the game or how high the total score will be at the end of the game. In this section there are certainly a lot of interesting offers for you to discover, moreover the bookmakers always come up with new baseball bets so that you never get bored with the special bets.

The long-term bet and the live bet

A really great invention in baseball online betting are the live bets, where you can bet on different events parallel to a game taking place. The odds on live bets vary depending on the duration and course of a match and are constantly recalculated by the computers. So here you have to have a good nose for the current game situation and, while watching the game at home in front of the TV, you can prove your skill and, with a little luck, win extra money.

One of the other baseball betting tips is the long-term bet, which is very popular with many gamblers due to the good odds. Here you bet early on the outcome of an event and must really prove a lot of expertise to succeed with your bets.

Bet baseball online, but where?

First of all, it is important that you find a sports betting provider whose site you like on the Internet both visually and in terms of handling and seriousness and who does not have to hide in the odds comparison with the competition.

You should also inform yourself about the rules of baseball and the favorite teams, so that you don’t risk your money without any background knowledge.