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Tennis betting like a pro? In this article you’ll learn what to look out for in tennis betting. This way you can place your first tennis bet optimally informed. We show you tips, systems, strategies and introduce you to established tennis betting providers.


The odds or short odds determine the amount of winnings. For the win, the stake is multiplied by the odds. This means that even with a high odds you make a relatively large win with a small stake and vice versa. The betting providers adjust their odds according to the predicted probability. So the more likely a target is, the lower the odds will be. Therefore, the betting provider tries to predict how likely a certain result will be.

In short: if you bet on outsiders, you win more in the case of success. However, the risk is higher because the success case is probably less frequent.

How do the providers get the odds in tennis?

Ultimately, the betting providers live from predicting the odds as accurately as possible. In detail, the betting providers therefore naturally do not reveal this. Therefore one can only assume that the providers at least analyse the world ranking list, the direct comparison (head-to-head) and the last matches and make their predictions based on this.

The combination bet

With a combination bet you can combine different matches bindingly, which increases the risk but also the odds significantly.

Example: You bet on several specific matches and only win if you have correctly predicted all these matches. If you miss even one match, you lose the whole combination bet.

The system bet

In addition to individual bets on a single match and combined bets on several matches, there are also system bets on tennis.
System betting defuses the combination bet because not all events have to occur for a win.

Securing Tennis Bets

When securing tennis bets, the goal is of course to partially compensate for a possible loss of the main bet with a side bet. Tennis bets can basically be secured by placing an opposing bet, the so-called two-way bet.

The simplest two-way bet is to bet once on player A winning and once on his opponent B winning. Since the odds are not the same for both players, only part of the bet wins or loses. Since this is rather uninteresting for the bookmakers and therefore undesirable, one would have to divide this competition combination between two different providers.

Tip: I think it makes more sense to hedge combination bets or system bets with single bets. But this is purely my personal strategy. If I attribute a good chance of winning to an outsider on a odds basis, but the combination bet or system bet is rather conservative and secure, an additional single bet on the outsider may make sense.

Betting fraud in professional tennis

Especially in tennis it is hardly objectively verifiable if a player deliberately loses a service game, a set or a match. The risk of betting fraud is therefore high in tennis.

The more players are dependent on bribes, the greater the risk. It is probably not uncommon for players ranked 400 or higher in the world rankings to try to finance their tour life with such additional income. For example, sets 1 and 2 are agreed upon and set 3 (first) the winner is played out. Even if the proof is difficult, tennis players have already been banned for life. This will not be the last betting scandal in professional tennis. You can read how bettors can react to this in the following tips.

4 more tips for tennis betting

The subjectively best chances of winning are when you know the current form of the players to some extent and can guess which type of player suits the other or not. So it makes sense to bet only on the second or third round of a tournament, because then you know better how the players are in shape.

Before you play, find out about the current situation, form, etc. Sports sites such as Eurosport or some provider sites are suitable for this. Examples: Match of the Day – Tennis previews of all major tennis tournaments at

I recommend to slowly get to grips with the possibilities and to familiarize yourself with the whole process at the chosen provider before making extensive combination bets or system bets.

Tennis bets are a hobby, a leisure entertainment. That’s why I don’t bet more money on it than I spend on other leisure activities. Be careful, because that can quickly become an addiction.

Are sports betting legally permitted in Germany?

You want to bet legally, don’t you? Sports betting and thus also tennis betting have some legends in Germany in this respect. We should clarify them.

The legal situation is confusing at first sight. Because Germany claims the so-called gambling monopoly for itself. Accordingly, only the state is allowed to carry out sports betting or issue licences (sports betting monopoly for state providers).

This reservation right violates however according to judgement of the European Court of Justice from September 2010 against European right (understandable judgement reasoning).

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